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Spa - natural vitality

Those who like to take a rest, may spent pleasant moments in a spa resort which there are many in the Jeseníky Mountains. You can look forward to hot and cold curative springs, baths, relaxation and intensive recovery programs as well as promenade concerts.

Karlova Studánka

The spa town of Karlova Studánka (Karlsbrun) lies in the altitude of 780 m in the middle of deep forests. It is well known as a health resort with the best air quality in the Czech Republic. Local ferruginous springs have been known since the middle of the 16th century. The first wooden bathhouse was built in 1780. Thanks to the collection of wooden spa architecture, mineral springs and geological location the place belongs among the most beautiful in the Jeseníky Mountains.


Priessnitz spa resort continues the tradition of its founder and at the same time adopts the up-to-date medical procedures. Unique methods include computer kinesiology, a recent product of a space research, which applies an examination and a special computer program to enable the therapist to specify a diagnosis and to determine a procedure to treat the sources of pain.

Dolní Lipová

The spa resort is specialized in the treatment of chronic skin diseases, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders and motoric system problems. The treatment of obesity, performed according to the latest knowledge of modern medicine, is a traditional and long-standing indication of this spa resort.

Thermal spa of Velké Losiny

Spa treatment and services combined with quiet atmosphere and beautiful nature made Velké Losiny a favourite tourist destination. The thermal spa of Velké Losiny belongs among the oldest and most famous Moravian spa resorts with a long tradition. Healing thermal springs have a healthy effect on motoric and nervous systems. The temperature of water is around 36°C. The springs are used for healing bathes and to fill indoor and outdoor pools which are accompanied with many bathing, relaxation and wellness procedures. The spa resort is set in beautiful surroundings of a park with hundred-year-old trees, many rhododendrons and azaleas which becomes a gem of the area in the spring time.