Where and how?!

Holzberg » Where and how?!

The surroundings of Karlova Studánka, Malá Morávka and Suchá Rudná offers great possibilities to spend summer and winter holidays in the beautiful region of the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range. The area will satisfy tourists, bikers, skiers, lovers of extreme sports as well as the fans of history who can compare the present and historical state of the region on the photographs displayed in the conservatory of the hotel.

The whole of the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range offers long hiking trails and biking routes and kilometers of routes for downhill and cross-country skiing where you can learn about the beauties of the surroundings, about historical sights, spa resorts, castles, view-towers, lakes and many other attractions.

Holzberg is a pleasant place to organize corporate and private events and we will be delighted to prepare them for you according to your requirements and wishes.

Web camera:
View from the hotel (online camera)
View at the ski lift in Suchá Rudná